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Tough Times For Windows Developers

 “Survival of the Fitters.”

wdevI don’t know whom to credit for that wonderful line. I first heard it from Fred Snow, a vice president with the distributor TechData, but he says he picked it up somewhere else.

In any case, I’ve been stealing the line with glee, for not only is it a nice play on words, it’s a perfect description of the PC marketplace these days. It describes the results of both last year’s downward pricing pressure on PC hardware vendors and the market’s swing to Windows applications on software vendors.

That phrase came to me again last month. I’d gone off into the woods, so to speak, for a week, to get away from my daily routine and think about where management of the corporate computing function is headed.

“Survival of the Fitters” indeed. How better could we describe the upheavals in IS management over the past decade — and especially the last two or three years?

So many of the themes that have defined business computing during the ’80s and ’90s are really variations on that idea.

With the advent of PCs, …

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Cross Border Dentistry Driven Factors

cbdtyThe mobility of the patients is increasing day by day and most of the people are now travelling from one place to another to get the dental work. The cross border dentistry is driven by many factors that are basically attracting the people to get the dental care at various paces. The main factors that are responsible for the cross border dentistry include the high local rates of the dentist which are very high and the delays in getting the access to the local dentists. That is inclining the people and they are travelling to other places to get the dental services.

The other factors that are responsible for the cross border dentistry include the fewer charges of airways and the easy and fast access to the internet. This also plays a vital role in the cross border travelling of the people. The internet has also made it so easy for the people to access the dentists online. Now you can get the appointment online and also get the confirmations of your booking to a specific hotel to stay or the clinic to get the …

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Which Factors Decide Hard Drive Recovery Costs?

Hard drive recovery costs may vary from case to case. Prices cannot be the same for every type of hard drive and for every kind of hard drive failure. There can be a range of factors which decide what would be the total data recovery cost will be for you. Some of these factors are listed here.

save-moneyOne of the very basic factors on which the cost of hard drive recovery depends is the type of hard drive itself. Hard drives differ in interface; e.g. recovering data from an SCSI drive would be more costly than that from an IDE drive. Similarly, it is obvious that there would be different costs associated with data recovery from drives of different sizes and model.

Another common factor deciding hard drive recovery cost to a great extent is of course the type of damage rendered to the drive. A physically damaged drive usually requires more effort for data recovery than a logically damaged drive.

The type of operating system also has an impact on the cost of data recovery. Data recovery pricing for the UNIX file system would …

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R:Base Was Pure Dopeness

dosWhen DOS 2.0 was brand-new in 1983, I was using Lotus 1-2-3 to maintain a mailing list. It was easier than using EDLIN and the DOS Sort utility, but it still seemed like a clumsy, error-prone approach.

That’s when I decided to get acquainted with my first database package — Microrim’s R:base. My reaction was love at first prompt.

That early experience with R:base gave me some convictions about the proper way to configure a database. Those convictions persist to this day, although I was often forced to use other tools because of a client’s preference.

When I recently had the chance to get reacquainted with…

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Chipmakers Have Come A Long Way, Baby

cmaThe U.S. semiconductor industry has staged a startling comeback from its dark days of the mid-1980s.

It was in 1986 that American semiconductor companies, which had once enjoyed a 70 percent share of worldwide sales, watched their market share slip below 40 percent and their number of dynamic RAM manufacturers dwindle from 11 to two. Japan quickly capitalized on the erosion of the U.S. semiconductor industry and vaulted to the top.

“People seriously thought there wasn’t going to be a semiconductor industry in the United States by the end…

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The Top Three Contenders: Anti-Snoring Devices

Anti-Snoring-DevicesNow that you have “I could have been a contender!” rattling around in your mind let’s get to business. You’re reading this article because you or someone you know snores. There are a lot of factors as to why people snore. Those who are struggling with their weight or are crumbling under stress will snore. Those who drink alcohol or smoke heavily before bed are more likely to snore. These issues can potentially be combated with lifestyle changes but changing a lifestyle isn’t always easy. In the meantime those who snore may need to employ the services of an anti-snoring mouthpiece. There are three specific mouthpieces who are strong contenders for the top spot. Each has their own pros and cons but they will all get the job done. It just comes down to a matter of personal preference.

Good Morning Snore Solution®

Good Morning Snore Solution®, or GMSS® for short, is one of the most popular devices available today. This piece sits between your teeth and your lips and functions by holding your tongue in place. Many people snore because when their muscles relax it …

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Distributed DBs Don’t Live Up To Hype

ddbVendors love to solve problems by declaring them solved. Declarations don’t require much research and development, don’t take much time to produce and don’t cost much to make.

Unfortunately, simply saying something is so doesn’t make it so.

Client/server database systems, for example, are not necessarily distributed database systems. No matter what their vendors might say — and some vendors are trying to equate the two — the two are different.

Spotting a client/server database system is pretty easy. A server machine runs database server software. Some machines networked to that server run client software that uses the data-management services of the server database software. …

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Oracle “Glue’s” It All Together

orclOracle Corp. customers will see the benefit of the company’s new Glue middleware immediately: Glue’s architecture is built to take advantage of the optimization features of the Oracle database server. But while Glue has a strong architecture, its success will depend on its acceptance and use by other software vendors.

PC Week Labs examined a beta version of Oracle’s middleware, a software layer that allows front-end software to talk to back-end databases. Glue takes middleware a step further by including E-mail and personal digital assistants (PDAs) as data sources that can be linked into the corporate data network.…

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