The Top Three Contenders: Anti-Snoring Devices

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Anti-Snoring-DevicesNow that you have “I could have been a contender!” rattling around in your mind let’s get to business. You’re reading this article because you or someone you know snores. There are a lot of factors as to why people snore. Those who are struggling with their weight or are crumbling under stress will snore. Those who drink alcohol or smoke heavily before bed are more likely to snore. These issues can potentially be combated with lifestyle changes but changing a lifestyle isn’t always easy. In the meantime those who snore may need to employ the services of an anti-snoring mouthpiece. There are three specific mouthpieces who are strong contenders for the top spot. Each has their own pros and cons but they will all get the job done. It just comes down to a matter of personal preference.

Good Morning Snore Solution®

Good Morning Snore Solution®, or GMSS® for short, is one of the most popular devices available today. This piece sits between your teeth and your lips and functions by holding your tongue in place. Many people snore because when their muscles relax it causes their tongue to fall to the back of their mouths, obstructing the airway. When they breathe the vibration of the tongue causes that snoring sound we all know and love. The GMSS® uses a small ball that suctions the tip of your tongue and holds it in place all night. One of the best things about this mouthpiece is that it does not force your lower jaw forward, which many mouthpieces do. That can cause considerable pain and discomfort. With the GMSS® the tip of your tongue may be tender in the morning, but your jaw should be fine. This is also suitable for denture wearers and prevents the user from spitting out the mouthpiece during the night and snoring again.


This piece functions as a full mouthpiece that is to be worn during the night. The upper and lower pieces are connected and are not able to be opened once inserted. While this custom molded jaw retainer does push your lower jaw forward to allow more air into the airways, it is hyper personalized. By used micro calibration you can customize how far forward or how far back the piece needs to jut. There are calibrators on the side of the mouthpiece that allow you to adjust the spacing by millimeters to get a unique and comfortable experience.


While being a mouthpiece that also pushes your jaw forward can be seen as a negative, the ZQuiet® has some special features going for it. This mouthpiece has a connected top and bottom by way of a hinge. The amazing thing about this is that it allows you to open and close your mouth while inserted. This way you can talk or take a drink of water without having to constantly remove the mouthpiece. The top of its class the ZQuiet® doesn’t’ require any molding or heating. It is ready to use right out of the box.

These three are the top contenders in the anti-snoring mouthpiece world as noted by Using any of them will contribute to a better, quieter sleep. Choosing one all comes down to what works best for you and your mouth. Taking your personal situation into consideration will allow you to make a smart choice as to which one of these devices is going to suit your needs. While you can’t go wrong no matter what you choose, be sure to do your research and select the mouthpiece that will bring your household peace and quiet. You and your family will be grateful you’ve made this decision.

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